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Surabaya, Indonesia

YW House

The Harmonious Integration Design

Kitchen, living and dining room are the heart of the home where families gather where activities take place. One of the best designs, YW House recently received a well-deserved Merit award at BCI Awards 2023 on Interior Design Awards Category for its exceptional beauty of design and functionality. We will take a look at the KantorGG’s design and focus on its three interesting features of the room and what makes it harmonious.

Sophisticated Design:

The kitchen on YW House represents the essence of simplicity. The color palette revolves around a harmonious blend of black and gray, creating a great combination of contrasts that immediately catch the eye. From cabinets and countertops to appliances and light fixtures, every element has been carefully selected to complement the kitchen. Embracing an open and timeless concept design is the integrating of a living room and dining room.

Elegant Simplicity of Color Pallete:

One of the focal points of this kitchen is its ability to combine elegance and simplicity. The design includes clean lines and clean surfaces, with an elegant & monochromatic color palette that captures attention. In the kitchen, living room and dining room we create a sense of calm, elegance and refined aesthetics with our selected color palette.

Strategic lighting:

Our planned lighting plan is one of the important elements to enhance the appeal of these three areas. The designers combined both natural and artificial light to highlight different areas and create a harmonious atmosphere. Natural light floods in through strategically placed floor-to-ceiling windows, illuminating the space and highlighting various design elements on the house. A captivating combination of lighting, such as a chandelier above the dining table, and ambient lighting for floor lamps or closure fixtures in the living room area.

Materials and Finishes:

The finishes and materials of the house especially for the kitchen, living room and dining room use the minimalist finishes and materials so we can minimize the waste of it. Although we only use the high-quality materials such as veneer for dining table, table on living room, duco as finishes, kitchen benchtop finished in lapitec, hence it is moisture & scratch resistant and soft-close hinge for the cabinet on the kitchen’s cabinet . Insima great quality materials are water and moisture resistant so it has life long durability.

Functional Layout and Zoning:

YW House includes these three areas such as the kitchen, living room and dining room are also characterized by its functionality. The layout has been carefully designed and adjusted from the user’s activity flow on the house to define separate zones visually. Our zoning and layouting design for YW House establishes a sense of purpose and functionality for each section while maintaining a cohesive overall aesthetic.

The recognition that YW House's captivating house design earned Merit on Interior Design Awards at BCI Awards 2023 is a testament to its outstanding quality and artistic vision. With sophisticated design, elegant simplicity of color palette, strategic lighting, materials and finishes and functional layout and zoning, the three vital rooms emphasize the visual appeal of the harmonious integration design.

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