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Jakarta, Indonesia

JD House

A Diverse Materials on Distinguished House

One of our bespoke residential projects, JD House is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. With sophisticated and elegant design, all furniture pieces are made with great attention to materials, finishes, and details that complement each element in the house. Take a closer look at this intriguing house and see how furniture can be a focal point in each room.

A weave of colors

The color and furniture selection in this house is quite simple yet unique. The living room, meeting room, and kid's playing room are dominated by brown color from wood veneer materials and gray colors from the wall and marble materials that radiate a warm, elegant, and masculine feel in the room. The kid’s bedroom color palette represents each kid's personality in the house. Each store in the kid’s bedroom has a neutral color palette to compliment the room.

A breathtaking built-in shelves

Built-in shelves that can be a focal point of the house were built with the best craftsmanship and the finest materials and finishes. Built with a timeless design that can make the built-in shelves durable and exquisite at the same time. Good quality wood veneers and a variety of color palettes are used on every corner of the room such as the meeting room, work room, kids' playroom, and bedrooms. The use of sleek aluminum frames can also complement and elevate the built-in shelves for a more modern look.

An irresistible loose furniture

One of the most important elements of the house is the loose furniture in it. From the marble table in the meeting room, and details on each handmade door handle, to unique moldings for cabinet doors, they are crafted and handled with great care and detail that will make you captivated. All of our furniture pieces are also equipped with high-quality, imported soft-close hinges and drawer runners to ensure an easier workflow for users’ everyday use.

Motley materials on the project

Our material selections for this project catch attention as every piece is crafted to the house owner’s unique and personalized preference thus each room shows each user’s character and radiates an elegant aura.

The customized furniture on this project radiates the charm and luxuriousness from the diverse high-quality materials.

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